(Image credit: Shutterstock / laymanzoom)

It’s clear to see that COVID-19 has been the driving force for enterprises to adopt the cloud in recent times. Although many enterprises were already well on their way to adopting cloud in early 2020, cloud adoption has accelerated at a much faster pace than previous years.

What’s become clear now is that there is no going back. Despite the initial perception that Software-as-a-Service ( SaaS ) and collaboration applications were meant to be temporary stopgap measures during lockdowns, they have quickly become the norm for employees and customers. In fact, according to a recent ONS survey, 85 per cent of UK workers want to maintain a hybrid working approach.

In the future, remote and hybrid work will only be done via the cloud because it alone offers the scalability, flexibility, simplified costs, and improved user experiences needed to deliver a secure, agile working environment For […]