Amid the global pandemic, state-sponsored cyber-attacks have worsened the uphill battle when the entire world faces diverse economic and health-infrastructure-related concerns.

Hackers working on behalf of a foreign government have led to widespread destruction as confidential data gets exposed, leading to losses worth millions of dollars.

Since most of the cyber-attacks were backed by nation-state actors, the primary purpose was to gain leverage in every possible aspect over the rivals.

However, amid the chaos, individuals and organizations became the victim and had to face damages, whether in terms of financial losses or brand image tarnishing.One such colossal brand that became the victim of such attacks was Pfizer . The company compromised its vaccine data after the hackers sneaked into the network of EMA (European Medicines Agency).Hence businesses must understand the importance of securing their networks through every possible means.Here’s what needs to be done at the enterprise level to ensure bulletproof cybersecurity […]