President/CEO of Centex Technologies , an IT consulting company with offices in Central Texas, Dallas, Austin and Atlanta. Getty The importance of cybersecurity in today’s business environment can’t be overstated. Companies are more cognizant than ever of the challenges posed by cyberthreats, and management teams must continually plan and implement countermeasures to prevent cyberattack incidents.

Cybersecurity policies are an essential starting point on the road to better security. Think of cybersecurity policies as cyber defense systems for a business. But, in some cases, flaws in the language, implementation, enforcement and auditing of the policy can lead to the compromised effectiveness of the security system despite huge investments.

There’s no quick and easy answer on how to draft an effective and comprehensive cybersecurity policy, and I recommend business owners consult with experienced cybersecurity professionals. That said, before getting started, it can be helpful to think through the most common features of a […]