We can serve as your technical IT outsourced and/or co-sourced internal audit function and provide the depth and expertise required to perform your IT audits and/or augment with your team when deep expertise is required (e.g. Cloud Security, Internet of Things, AS400 and other legacy systems, Network Security etc.).

Our team is made up of IT Audit Professionals with prior IT professionals (e.g. Developers, Systems Engineers, DevOps, etc.) to ensure you obtain the expertise required to document and perform the testing like an auditor (e.g. understanding of auditing standards) but with the technical expertise of individuals that have performed the IT roles to be audited.

We can work with you in the performance of:

  • IT Risk Assessment.
  • Linking of your risk assessment results to your ERM and/or Internal Audit Plans.
  • Performance of Audits (staff, senior and experienced SMEs).
  • Audit Report preparations.
  • Presentations to Audit Committee and Senior Management.