Ensure you Meet and Exceed Your Client Duty of Care

Success in the legal field is based on the level of trust between lawyers and your clients. Many clients turn to their lawyers because of the promise of client confidentiality. When that confidence is breached, the lawyer’s most valuable asset can be damaged.

Studies show that this industry’s cyber security risk is higher as hackers know that law firms store very sensitive and confidential data of their clients. Moreover, for law firms that have large corporate clients, the firm must sign contracts that require prominent level of care over the data entrusted such as Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) in healthcare, GLBA compliance requirements etc. Because of this and overall increase of cyber security hacking activities we have seen that the large law firms are taking proactive steps to assess and improve their Information Security protection posture.

Large law firms are becoming ISO 27001 certified to provide their clients with assurance that they have implemented robust information security controls. Although no requirement is in place to do this, at a minimum Law firms are assessing their information security controls against best practices.

Elevate can help your law firm assess and improve your information security posture.

Elevate’s Capabilities for the Legal Industry

Services focused on IT compliance, Ethical hacking, and Business Continuity Planning services assist law firms with improving their controls and processes. Specific to the industry include:

  • Information Security Program Maturity Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • ISO 27001/2 Gap Analysis and Readiness
  • Disaster Recovery Design and Testing
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Virtual CISO Services

We love working in the Legal industry because:

  • You understand risk and the responsibility for confidentiality entrusted to you.

  • Your industry is going through a lot of changes in automation and advancements never seen before.

  • Your needs vary depending on the industry and/or client portfolio you service and hence it requires that we provide you advisory on requirements from other industries as well.