What skills should aspiring information security workers possess and work on? What certifications can come in handy more than others? What strategies should organizations employ to develop a well-staffed cybersecurity team? Where should they look for talent? What advice do those already working in the field have for those who want to enter it?

(ISC)² wanted to know the answer to these and other questions, so they asked 1,024 infosec professionals and 1,010 cybersecurity job pursuers in the U.S. and Canada. What do the information security professionals say?

A previous study by the non-profit organization has revealed the many obstacles to putting job seekers on a path towards a cybersecurity career.

Those who are actively seeking a role in cybersecurity have a pretty good idea which technical skills should they concentrate on acquiring. In fact, that top 5 list is identical to that compiled based on the answers by cybersecurity professionals, […]