Cybersecurity presents a formidable new engineering challenge for the automotive industry. At Horiba MIRA, we see evidence that the convergence of cybersecurity from the enterprise IT sector with the product cybersecurity needs of vehicles and their connected ecosystems, causes the automotive sector fundamental problems.

The first of these is how to distinguish cybersecurity for vehicles from corporate IT cybersecurity. The IT industry has contended with cyber threats for approaching half a century and has a mature set of solutions. As a result, it can be erroneously assumed that best practice can be ‘borrowed’ from the solutions developed for wider IT application.

A further problem is that cybersecurity is all too often conflated with safety – indeed many languages use the same word for both. However, solutions and processes developed for safety engineering are not always appropriate for security, or do not scale to contend with automotive cybersecurity threats.

These problems affect all […]