Over the last two decades, we’ve created a network of skilled professionals ready to seamlessly supplement your team.

I Want to Hire Remote IT Staff ASAP

In the ever-changing world of IT, we remain adaptive and responsive to the market demands, changes in technology, and the need for evolving IT skillsets.  Over the last two decades, we’ve created and maintained a highly concentrated network of qualified, high-caliber IT Audit, Security, IT GRC, and Cybersecurity professionals that can seamlessly step in in order to supplement and add immediate value to your existing team. 

We are Not Your Typical Recruiters

  • We are IT Practitioners 
  • We work in IT environments with IT teams in your industry – every day
  • We specialize in IT Professionals 
  • We thoroughly vet all candidates for required IT skills, experience & cultural fits
  • We hold welcome onboarding meetings and assign buddies 
  • We have weekly touchpoints with our team members
  • We provide transparent timekeeping and proactive billing updates 

While having a detailed job description always helps, it’s not necessary.  Because we are IT practitioners, if you tell us your pain IT points, gaps and risks, we can figure out the profile and persona you need to fill your immediate gaps and provide value.  

Well-Qualified, High-Value, and Fully Vetted Resources 

Quality matters.  All candidates that are considered for placement are subject to a thorough vetting process where we carefully consider the following:

  • Curated Resume Review by IT Practitioners
  • Cultural-Fit Interviews by Account Managers that know your environment
  • Thorough Vetting & Background Check Process
    • SSN Trace
    • 7-year County Criminal Record Search
    • Multi-State Instant Criminal Check
    • DOJ Sex Offender Search (excludes Nevada)
    • Office Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Terrorist Watchlist
    • 7-year Federal District Criminal Record Search
    • Locator Select with Verification
  • Education and Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference Check and Verification
  • Certification Verification
  • Social Media Check

We are Flexible

As your business changes, so do your staffing needs. Therefore, we have a flexible model where we can quickly respond to your needs.

We will work with you to find the onboarding model (or hybrid combination) that works best to fit your needs:

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