laptop pixaby Telework is essential to the continuity of federal operations in emergencies—but it also brings added cybersecurity risks. The CARES Act contains a provision for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to monitor the federal response to the pandemic. GAO has recently examined federal agencies’ preparedness to support expanded telework during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GAO looked at 12 agencies and found that they all had the technology to support remote access for telework. But not all agencies had fully addressed relevant guidance for securing their remote access systems.

Each of the 12 agencies GAO selected for review had information technology (IT) in place to support remote access for telework during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the agencies initially experienced IT challenges in supporting remote access for maximum telework, they generally overcame them. For example, seven agencies were challenged in providing sufficient bandwidth to provide remote access for teleworkers, but they increased bandwidth […]