Peach_iStock/ Examining use of a recently bolstered modernization fund to implement cybersecurity measures could be one way the federal chief information security officer assesses the government’s risk posture going forward.

“I want to see tons of [Technology Modernization Fund] projects being implemented that are drawing down security [risks],” Chris De Rusha said, noting that is “another metric that I’ll look at for judging how well we’re doing.”

The TMF—a central loan fund for agency IT upgrades—received a $1 billion boost as part of the American Rescue Plan and a mandate to relax the repayment requirements for critical cybersecurity and pandemic-related projects .

The federal CISO spoke during the annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit Thursday where he also highlighted the importance of penetration testing and vulnerability management programs, two activities stressed in a massive bill senators have proposed for updating the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 . FISMA 2021 cleared the Senate […]