Last month, cybersecurity company Hysolate published a report about the " Enterprise Security Paradox ," highlighting challenges associated with enabling IT freedoms while ensuring tight security procedures. The findings detail a complex balancing act between IT teams and network users. Calibrating this equilibrium is particularly challenging in the age of remote work as employees log on and virtually collaborate via a host of digital solutions.

"COVID-19 has exacerbated things significantly because the need to collaborate remotely has significantly increased. The typical collaboration tools (shared documents, video conferencing, chat, etc.) are often blocked by corporate IT restrictions, which is hampering such collaboration," said Marc Gaffan, CEO at Hysolate.

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Overall, the Hysolate survey found that virtually all employees (93%) "are working around IT restrictions," and a mere 7% said they were "satisfied with their corporate IT restrictions." Interestingly, this […]