The Cloud Hopper campaign was a complex intelligence collection operation that was meant to gather intelligence rather than disrupt systems. The European Union imposed sanctions against multiple people and organizations for their role in a number of cyberattacks and cyber espionage incidents. The sanctions are tied to the NotPetya and Ukraine blackout attacks carried out by the GRU as well as an act of cyber espionage that was attempted against the OPCW by that same organization. WannaCry was another global destructive event similar to ….
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Geopolitical tension is manifesting in cyberspace and destructive attacks have increased by 102% since last year. As the number of destructive cyberattacks continue to surge across the globe, nation-states are coming to an inflection point. The EU has is now leveraging economic power to penalize countries that launch destructive attacks. The newly imposed sanctions issued by the EU set a precedent that […]