During and since the pandemic, many workers have considered a job change, often to keep working from home : As many businesses mandate a return to the office , their employees would rather change jobs than go back to their cubes. If you’re among these adventurers, and you’re even a little tech-savvy, you not only have options—you can also turn a job change into a significant salary boost by focusing on cybersecurity.

There are a series of high-paying IT skills you could chase, but none have more potential than security. Based on an October 2020 study from Burning Glass Technologies , depending on the security skill you decide to chase, you’ll see five-year projected growth up to 165% and a significant potential annual salary bump, on average between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on the discipline.

The area with the most potential is application-development security, and it’s probably the one that’ll get […]