The National Cybersecurity Alliance and CybSafe announced the release of a report which polled 2,000 individuals across the U.S. and UK. The report examined key cybersecurity trends, attitudes, and behaviors ahead of Cybersecurity Awareness Month this month. 48% of respondents say they have never heard of MFA “The cybersecurity threat landscape is as complex and diverse as it has ever been,” said Lisa Plaggemier , Interim Executive Director, National Cybersecurity Alliance.

“The daily headlines of data breaches and ransomware attacks is a testament to the problem getting worse, yet most people aren’t aware of the simple steps they can take to be a part of the solution. It’s critical to have a deeper understanding of both the challenges we face and the prevailing attitudes and behaviors among the public.”

“Cybersecurity is about more than just tools, it’s about people,” said Oz Alashe , CEO at CybSafe . “Too often people are […]