We ensure you will pass your audit efforts, if you follow the methodology and make the changes required.

Our process for any audit readiness (or multiple audits concurrently) and support through the audit process starts with proper planning. The specific steps of our assessment process include:

  • Ensure we thoroughly understand the scope of the assessment and the objectives you are seeking to achieve to meet your customers’ requirements.
  • Define the scope and ensure the appropriate narrative/ information is prepared to reflect the understanding and to meet the requirement (e.g. Description of the System, Statement of Applicability etc.).
  • Assess your current state vs. what is required. During this process we seek to understand at a deep level of detail your environment, architecture and security design and determine where the gap is between the current state vs. the requirements.
  • Provide you with actionable and ‘real-life’ recommendations to meet compliance but most importantly to truly improve your organizations’ security posture.
  • At client request, we can provide you support during the audit process and through the life cycle of your compliance program since we have gain the expertise and knowledge of how your organization works and are experts of what is expected.