District technology leaders once again named cybersecurity as their top priority , yet school districts continue to fall victim to cyberattacks. In fact, K–12 education is now one of the top targeted industries. Why?

Cybercrime has evolved, but cybersecurity strategies haven’t. While K–12 education is a leader in cloud adoption, driven by the embrace of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 , districts often aren’t properly securing it.

School leaders have realized the benefits the cloud provides. Students and staff collaborate on assignments, communicate with each other and access important school resources in the cloud. With the help of Google and Microsoft, all this activity can happen anywhere and at any time.

K–12 districts have even been leaders in adopting cloud collaboration technology. However, for the administrators not directly involved in technology, cloud security is somewhat new and overlooked . Here are three reasons why. 1. A Culture of Sharing and Accessibility in […]